21.02.17 Do you even Crowdfund?

Although Crowdfunding volumes in Canada grew 48% from 2013 to 2015 and reached $133m in 2015, it's growing much slower than leading international comparators such as the U.S. and U.K. where online alternative financing volumes are reported at USD 36bn and  GBP 3.2bn, respectively.  Having said that, the Canadian Market was predicted to reach $190m last year, confirming it to be a genuine source of seed and growth capital for companies seeking funding.

After an amazingly successful VanFunding 2016 in BC late last year, the 3rd annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit (#CCS2017) is upon us already. 

Held at MaRS in downtown Toronto, it is Canada's largest national conference providing the most comprehensive thought leadership, education, networks, funding and investment opportunities to 500+ participants in Canada’s rapidly growing internet finance and fintech crowdfunding industry.

I'm excited to be speaking about the Canadian FinTech ecosystem alongside 75+ experts including Eva Wong of Borrowell, Janet Bannister of Real Ventures and Sue Britton of FinTech Growth Syndicate. 

Events like these don't just magically arrange themselves, so a big thanks to  the NCFA for once again supporting and educating the wider ecosystem.